June 6th, 2008


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Экспозиция в Ханойском музее, посвященная кандидату в президенты США от республиканской партии Д.МакКейну, попавшему в плен во время Вьетнамской войны

military. US Navy Lieutnant-commander 2 (Репортаж)
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An US student looks at the flightsuit that of the current US Republican presidential candidate then US Navy Lieutnant-commander pilot John McCain had used during the Vietnam War, inside a museum in Hanoi on June 6, 2008. McCain was shot down and captured on October 26, 1967 when he was flying an A4E Skyhaw jet over Hanoi. The museum was built at the place of the prison called then Hanoi Hilton where he spent five years in jail.