Дедушка Мюллер (grossfater_m) wrote in vietnamwar_ru,
Дедушка Мюллер

(тактично покашливая)

А не подскажет ли кто по музыкальной части?
В субботу по говноящичку намереваются показывать отечественную пропагандистскую фильму "Координаты смерти". В конце звучит песня - а ни певицы, ни ссылок я как-то не нашёл.

Should all the leaves for all the trees
Surscorch from bombs and poisoned water,
Should not a single Vietnamese
Remain alive from cruel man slaughter,
The elephants will rage enroll
And wage against all the Yanks a war,
And wage against all the Yanks a war.

Should all the elephants be killed
And all the fields be ruined to pieces,
Yet life in Vietnam can be still
Again arise some living species:
The leagues ant and buzzing bees,
To sting the Yanks for the Vietnamese,
To sting the Yanks for the Vietnamese.

The birds and fish will take them bite,
All those, who came to kill and murder,
The snakes will hiss from noon till night
And then more bees will come further,
The animals will keep their rakes
Until the drive all away the Yanks,
Until the drive all away the Yanks.

Should all the beasts become extinct
The grass will raise from bombard tuffet,
And by the nature of instinct
Will crash the Yanks for those, who suffer.
You can not slash in hand a breeze
Not split the land of the Vietnamese,
Not split the land of the Vietnamese.

Может, у кого есть сие произведение?

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